About Met Demand

MET DEMAND ™ offers a line of consulting and training to improve reliability, operability and maintainability.  The result is an increase of capacity which can be used to optimize Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and profitability. These products are developed to improve business results, provide structure and change from a reactive to a proactive culture. 

By applying a proven process of developing and communicating a vision of a future state, determining the current state of the organization and equipment, analyzing and recording the gap, develop a plan, establish teams and manage change, a business can achieve a 10 to 1 investment return. This return is a result of increased productivity due to less unplanned downtime, slow time, changeover time, defects, scrap and waste. Customer service will increase. Cost of Goods sold will decrease. Fewer assets are required to make the required production and less finish goods inventory.

MET DEMAND™ is a consulting company assisting industrial clients in implementing World Class Maintenance, Operational Excellence, Start-up Management Excellence, MRO Excellence™, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), and Reliable Capacity™ Methods.

Kevin Lewton (CMRP, C.P.M, CPMM, and CPS) graduated with a BS in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University and is MET DEMAND’s Senior Maintenance and Reliability Manager. Kevin has over 20 years of manufacturing experience which included managing the “Reliability Excellence” project across 15 North American Sites, as MasterfoodsUSA Regional Capacity Assurance manager. Kevin managed the regional “Reliability Excellence” project which encompassed establishing a future state, completing assessments at each site, managing the standardization effort which included the following areas of focus:  CMMS, Calibration, Planning and Scheduling, Material Support, Maintenance Engineering and Technical Skills development.  During his 20 years with Mars Inc., Kevin has worked in a variety of departments and roles: Operations, Engineering/Project Management, Process Engineering, Plant Quality Services, Vendor Assurance, Warehouse Quality Services, Research and Development Manager, Maintenance, and Site Technical Management.

Tina Lewton, Chief Operating Officer, graduated from Purdue University, with a B.S. in Industrial Management and a minor in Mechanical Engineering.  Tina has experience in educating high school students and being office manager of a radio station.  Tina’s unique background of fiscal management and education supports MET DEMAND goals of providing our clients effective business solutions through efficient training and education of the workforce.


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