5S for TPMers
5S activities began when leaders recognized that they needed to instill a sense of pride and ownership into the workplace. The implementation process allowed a great deal of flexibility while providing an overarching structure. The pioneering work rarely mentioned safety as part of this. The inclusion of safety is a uniquely American twist. <download>

Backlog Calculation Spreadsheet
Maintenance Backlog Spreadsheet to start backlog management process <download>

Belt Conveyor Case Study
This is a simple case study on how a supervisor can identify skill gaps for critical equipment and use the information to justify a training program. <download>

Centrifugal Fan Bearing Troubleshooting Check List
This is a checklist of potential problems which would lead to high vibration, noise or damaged bearings. <download>

Centrifugal Pump Troubleshooting Guide
A quick guide to some common centrifugal pump performance issues and the common remedies. <download>

Chain Drive Check Sheet
Chain drive problem descriptions and possible causes. <download>

Cleaning Equipment is Essential
Dirt and contamination at the part level will cause the part to change and malfunction. <download>

CMMS Implementation Brochure
A brief description of challenges facing organizations implementing a Computerized Maintenance Management System. <download>

Cooler Check List
There are many types of coolers including water, air and chilled. This list is a minimum checklist at best to complete a PM on process or facility cooling system. <download>

Coordination and Scheduling is an important part of work preparation because this is where the scope of work for the next week is agreed to and set. If these processes are poorly performed, a schedule will be incomplete with poor expectations on how to execute the desired work. The result will be inefficiencies and lost productivity. Performance is optimized when partners and team mates are challenged with realistic and clear objectives. <download>

Criteria for Criticality of Equipment
This is an example of how to a weighted calculation based on site metrics can be used to determine the criticality of the equipment. <download>

Diamond in the Rough
An Effective Front-Line Supervision Response to the Skills Gap <download>

Discovering Abnormalities during Cleaning
This is an article which describes how cleaning and sanitation are foundamental elements of World Class Maintenance Program. <download>

EconoBright High Bay LED LIght Brochure
A High Bay LED light brochure for reference to LED lighting technology. A good starting point for researching LED lighting project and their returns. <download>

Electrical Connection Troubleshooting Vol 1
This document provides a quick reference to cause and action for eliminating two common electrical connection failures. <download>

Equipment History Data Sheet
Spreadsheet for Equipment parts and history <download>

Facilities PM List
List of PM inspection items with acceptable levels and action items <download>

Flange One Point Lesson
One point lesson on tightening, repairing and replacing flanges <download>

Good Maintenance Increases Sustainbility
Good Maintenance Practices can increase sustainability efforts of companies <download>

Gross Profit - Net Margin Calculation

Healthy Debate vs Conflict
As manager and cosch, we need to encourage spirited debate and prevent conflict. This article provides some basic concepts on turning disagreement into innovation. <download>

Humility - A Key Attribute of Leadership
Humility allows leaders spend less time thinking of themselves and allows them to focus on the needs and development of those around them. <download>

Improving Reactive Maintenance Processes
All organizations must handle emergency maintenance. Reactive maintenance organizations can make gains by handling reactive maintenance more like the World Class Maintenance organizations do. <download>

Job Planning Process Flow Sheet

Leadership - Building-up Successful People
Key attributes of building up confidence in people, so that they become more productive. <download>

LEADERSHIP- Know Who You Are
One of the most important things about being a leader is being comfortable with oneself. How well do you know yourself? What is truly important to you in this life? How do your current activities demonstrate their importance to others? <download>

Lean-Green Design Review Process Summary
This is a high level process flow to evaluate design alternatives that best meet business requirements of availability, reliability, maintenability, safety and profitability. <download>

Lubrication Checklist
Spreadsheet to connect equipment to lubrication PM program listing specific types of lubricants and number of ports. <download>

Maintenance Contribution to Bottom Line
This is two pages of presentation showing the impact on total cost based on the level of Maintenance (reactive, proactive, excessive) <download>

Manufacturing Reliability Institute Brochure
A comprehensive Brochure on how Lake Land Center for Business and Industry and Met Demand can assist your organization in acheiving reliable performance. <download>

Missed Opportunities in Cleaning
Improving the cleaning and sanitation process by understanding purpose and function of each step performed so a detailed standard procedure can be implemented which includes identifying abnormal situations. <download>

MRO Excellence - Buyer Checklist
A MRO buyer has the responsibility to represent the company as an agent to purchase materials or services. This responsibility includes ensuring all information is accurate and purchase agreement is clear. This document is a checklist to assist in meeting these responsibilities. <download>

MRO Excellence Assessment
MET DEMAND has developed this assessment to assist reliability and storeroom professional in determining performance gaps in their storeroom performance. <download>

MRO Excellence, A Reliable Capacity® Strategy
MRO Excellence brochure <download>

MRO Negotiation Checklist
This is a checklist of objectives which should be considered by any team negotiation team. <download>

Outage Planning Checklist
Every manufacturing facility will experience a multiple day or week outage to service utilities, major production or common feeding equipment. This checklist will help get you started by generating conversations about safety, optimizing the expenditure and minimizing time. <download>

Planner Scheduler Time Study Sheet
Time study spreadsheet broken down to activities performed in each hour of a shift <download>

Planning and Scheduling
Brochure <download>

Planning and Scheduling - Schedule Compliance
A case study on how to calculate schedule compliance. <download>

Planning- Basic Job Plan Valve Check List
List of problems and possible causes for Value failures. <download>

Planning Checklist for Agitators
A checklist of root causes for common agitator and mixer failures. <download>

Planning Checklist for Bag Houses
This is a basic list of failures for bag house systems. Planners can use this list as the assess and troubleshoot specific issues. <download>

Planning Scheduling Assessment
This is a non-validated self assessment of an Organization's ability to support an effective and efficient Maintenance Planning and Scheduling process <download>

PM Strategy Introductory Paper
This white paper is an introduction on Maintenance PM takes you through how to remove barriers and set up an effective PM program. <download>

Process to Change a Habit or Eliminate a Problem
Steps to change habits and eliminate problems are similar. This is a spreadsheet comparing process steps <download>

Profile of Successful Project Manager
Too often it is assumed that anyone with an engineering degree has the skills to be a successful project manager. If this is the case, why has one study found that only 28% of all projects were successful? Where success is defined as, completed on time and on budget, with all of the features and functions originally specified. Here is a list of the most identified skills associated with a successful project manager. <download>

Project Management Overview

Quality Maintenance Checklist
Autonomous maintenance is about eliminating all defects: quality, accidents and unplanned downtime. This checklist will help guide a team in developing an improvement plan to eliminate quality defects and increase equipment capability. <download>

Radial Fan PM/ PdM Inspections
Chart describing tasks, PM/PdM Type of Inspection, Discussion, and the proactive visual countermeasure Measure <download>

Recommended Measures for Getting Started

Reliability, Maintenance and Food Safety
Key points of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points(HACCP) for the Reliability Professional <download>

Reliability, Maintenance and Food Safety
Brochure <download>

Reliable Capacity at Start-up Training
The purpose of this training is focus an organization on designing, installing, maintaining and operating new equipment to acheive the lowest possible life cycle cost. This can only occur when organization focuses on the developing and establishing world class business processes. <download>

Root Cause Analysis Brochure
This Brochure provides the information on a high impact workshop,that when performed at your site, will eliminate issues providing immediate contribution to the bottom line. <download>

Spare Parts Checklist
Checklist for spare parts information and descriptors connecting information to equipment used in. <download>

Steps to Essential Equipment Care
8 steps to equipment care. <download>

Surplus Material Decision Tree
Decision tree of how to deal with surplus inventory <download>

SWI Process Development
Decision tree to develop Standard Work Instructions for processes <download>

Technical Training Needs Assessment
MET DEMAND offers a two day training course on how to develop an effective technical skills training program. <download>

Technical Training Readiness Assessment
This document decribes an assessment process used to evaluate how efficient and effective local industry and community colleges are working together to develop technical skills for a local work force. <download>

Ten Commandments of Brainstorming
Team norms which should be employed when conducting a brain storming exercise. <download>

Training Within Industry Job Relations
The first step to Total Quality Management, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, or any continuous improvement program is Stabilize the shop floor. The two things required to accomplish this stabilization is consistent output from operators working with machines. <download>

Trouble Shooting Cyclone Systems
Planner Cyclone System Troubleshooting Guide <download>

Using Value Stream Mapping for Maintenance
Value steam mapping is taught as an eight step process and is used to eliminate waste from our business process to improve performance and productivity. The attached table shows how to approach Value Stream Mapping the Maintenance Supply Chain. (Identifying, approving, prioritizing, planning, procuring, scheduling, executing, delivering performance, close-out) <download>

Value Stream Mapping a Tool for Maintenance
Some organizations have difficulty in applying Lean tools within the Maintenance organization. If you are working in this type of organization, we hope this discussion and attached table will help you demonstrate how your crew is implementing improvements in the maintenance process. <download>

Valve Packing Troubleshooting Guide
Possible causes and actions to take to correct <download>

Visual Control Checklist
List of types of visual control items, such as zebra paper and flow directional arrows <download>

Weighted Pareto Analysis


Cycle Count Sheet
This sheet can be used make assignments for cycle counting and record the results to measure inventory accuracy. <download>

Maintenance Storeroom Key Performance Indicators
Measures used to manage a maintenance storeroom. <download>

MRO Excellence Article
Why do companies have MRO Storerooms? Is it to service maintenance? Operation? Support Engineering in Project work? None of the above, companies have MRO storerooms and all the costs associated with them because they are a good investment. A good investment you might ask. Yes a good investment!!! MRO Storerooms are managing spare part inventory to ensure our customer service levels remain high and cost of goods sold are low. This is done by partnering with Commercial, Maintenance and Operation to produce the correct product, at the correct time, in the correct quantity and at the correct location. The objectives of the storeroom are to store parts, which minimize the risk of unplanned downtime at the lowest total cost to the business. This is done by balancing the cost of downtime against inventory carrying cost to ensure the life cycle cost for an asset are minimized. What are the steps to improve your current performance? <download>

MRO Excellence is for the Customer- EAM 2006
A poorly operated maintenance or MRO storeroom can contribute up to 25% of the unplanned downtime in a factory. This downtime and cost can be eliminated with proper management of the storeroom. This short training course will set a foundation of business basics, define the roles and responsibilities of different business functions, explain the MRO supply chain, provide some specific tools to improve storeroom performance and present a plan to implement sustained change in a storeroom. <download>

Planning and Scheduling

Job Plan Estimating Sheet
This is a form to be used by a planner scheduler as a pre check list when preparing a job plan. Instructions are for the planner to make a copy of the form fill out the information from work order and take the form to field to review the job and make notes. Please provide your feedback after using the form. This can be done through our website. <download>

Planner Scheduler Job Description
This is a comprehensive job description which can be used if you are hiring your first planner/ scheduler or to compare to your current job description. <download>

Planning and Scheduling Metrics
Metrics used to measure the performance of the planning and scheduling role. <download>

Planning is the Foundation for Lean Maintenance
How does Maintenance planning and scheduling benefit initiatives, such as, Lean Manufacturing, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and Lean Maintenance? This paper will review the development of these philosophies and the role of Maintenance planning and scheduling in achieving them. <download>

Technician Feedback for Job Plans
When a planner prepares a job plan, they do not have the ability to stop the machine, take it apart and inspect it. This limitation will lead to inaccuracy in the job plan. To eliminate these omissions, the professional craft person performing the work must provide feedback on the job plan. This document summarizes the information which should be collected and communicated to the planner. <download>

Weekly Planning and Scheduling Meeting
This is an agenda for a weekly meeting planning and scheduling meeting with Maintenance, Operations and all interested parties. <download>

Work Order Example
This is an example of a paper work order form. The fields demonstrate the data that needs to be managed through the life of work a order. <download>


Planning for a Start up - EAM 2006
The objective of a reliability program is to maximize availability, performance and output quality of the existing assets. This objective is not met when the equipment is down and not producing. Maintenance planning and scheduling role is to script and choreograph activities during planned downtime so they are minimized. A shutdown is not one simple task but a combination of tasks involving the whole organization working together to complete all of work safely, efficiently and effectively. Why? To ensure the equipment starts-up well, is reliable, has minimal ramp up time, and produces product to meet our customers needs. This paper is intended to help anyone who is involved with organizing, planning, or executing shutdown work at a facility. The topics which will be discussed are the five phases of a planned outage: Preliminary Work and Business Requirements, Final Planning and engineering, Execution of work, Commissioning and Validation and Continuous Improvement. <download>


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