Business Systems & Support Functions

Business Systems and SupportThe key to effective business systems is to understand the functionality required to have a productive and highly efficient organization. The best way to determine functionality is by process or value-stream mapping. Start with the current functionality and benchmark to a known state. By clarifying the process and developing the business system to provide the required functionality and training the workforce on both the processes and the system, the result will be high productivity.

MET DEMAND with its partner offer a wide range of services to assist our clients in supply chain management, capital deployment strategies, competency development and optimization of an Enterprise. We work with resources skilled on Lean Manufacturing, Total Quality Management (TQM), Supply Chain Optimization, Six Sigma, Total Productive Manufacturing (TPM), Reliability Center Maintenance, Quality Functional Deployment and Change Management. If we do not have access to the correct resource to resolve your issues and improve performance, MET DEMAND will tell you and seek to find the correct resource to meet your need.