CMMISComputerized Maintenance Management Information System is the central nervous system of the Maintenance Department. This business system pulls in data so Maintenance Work and Improvements can be done effectively and efficiently. CMMS is the accounting system for MRO Supply Chain.

A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) should include the following minimum functionality: equipment hierarchy, equipment history, work control, planning and scheduling, PM and PdM work control, material control and purchasing, cost management, organization and skill levels, reporting and key performance indicators (KPI).

MET DEMAND provides organizations assistance in developing CMMS functional specifications, facilitating a selection and training through approach known as Maintenance Information Optimization Process.

Maintenance Information Optimization Process™ (MIOP) will help guide the selection and set up of the CMMS to gain the desired productivity and efficiency of the organization. The process was designed to streamline the development of the functional specification through prioritizing desired functionality.

The MIOP ™includes:

  • Set up a project team and define success for selection.
  • Determine ROI or IRR
  • Set up a timeline with detailed tasks and metrics to track progress.
  • Set expectations and roles for the different functions represented on the team.
  • Determine a functional specification
  • Determine a gap assessment with existing functionality
  • Develop an improvement plan
  • If new CMMS
    • Develop a test script for vendors to perform
    • Issue Functional Specifications
    • Evaluate vendor responses
    • Select a CMMS solution
    • Develop an implementation timeline.
  • Develop training plans for new processes and CMMS solution.
  • Data cleanse information
  • Execute plan and improve efficiencies