Early Equipment Design

How many times has equipment been designed, installed, then found to  run at 50% OEE vs. 85% OEE,  AND the project funds are gone? Operations and maintenance personnel are saying engineering has sold them a bill of goods. Engineering is saying that operations and maintenance need to step up and take ownership.

Good project start-up planning is the key to avoiding this problem! “Proactive ownership” is the result of good planning and is based on operation and maintenance taking ownership of the start-up process during the commissioning phase.

This ownership starts with technical project and start up teams being chartered to deliver a new installation which delivers high customer service, safety, uptime, and flexibility at a low life cycle cost.

The technical project team is responsible for managing the technical aspects of the project, providing technical design, soliciting input from all functions (especially the shop floor), constructing and checking out the installed equipment.

The start-up team ensures all labor, operation, business, and maintenance processes are in place and functioning before the commissioning phase of the project.

The result of this ownership is an engaged workforce, continuous improvement culture and equipment life cycle cost being 30% lower than a traditional plant start-up.