Reliable Capacity™ Strategy

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In today’s just-in-time world, Reliable Capacity ™ is a must.  Many times products are required within hours of when they are to be installed making it essential to meet demand.
MET DEMAND’s definition of Reliable Capacity™ is simple.

“Reliable Capacity is meeting the customer expectations 100% of the time at a profitable price.”

In order for an organization to achieve Reliable Capacity™, the world they live in must be focused, resourced, and skilled. This is only accomplished by a widely known and accepted vision and purpose.

Reliable Capacity™ Strategy depends on Senior Management’s commitment to providing a proactive atmosphere and environment for the entire organization. If Senior Management is reactive and focused on short term issues, the processes which drive the activities of the organization will be reactive. If Senior Management has developed and communicated a vision of proactive improvement to reach long term goals, the processes in an organization will be proactive.

Reliable Capacity™ Strategy represents the core business processes and organizational requirements that a business needs to be World Class.

MET DEMAND can assist your organization in developing your vision and an improvement plan by performing a Reliable Capacity™ Assessment and leading a strategic workshop.