Knowledge Skills and Ability

Knowledge Skills and AbilityMET DEMAND has a passion for this subject. In the an effort to compete in today’s global market place some managers have placed much importance  on balance sheets and business systems, while completely overlooking  the equally vital element of the skills inventory of their workforce.

An appropriate SKILLS inventory must be present in order to  produce  an actual product.           

What you may not realize is that the technical skills gap is real and includes both operation and maintenance personnel. The basic skills required to identify abnormal operation and maintain high availability need to be developed in most organizations. How do you hire qualified people and develop the existing workforce?

MET DEMAND can help manage this issue by working directly with your organization to develop specific Job descriptions, Job Tasks Analysis, Development tools, Curriculum (DACUM) and provide specific Technical Training (geographically limited).

Reliable Capacity" Training Needs Assessment
The Reliable Capacity"Training Needs Assessment is a structure approach used to develop Job Descriptions, Job Task Analysis, Curriculum Development, Competency Evaluations, Training Metrics and Developmental Plans. Download
Technical Training Readiness Assessment
A structured Process to partner a Community College with Industry to provide an effective solution to the technical skills gap. Download