Maintenance Planning, Scheduling and Coordination

Planning and SchedulingAt the heart of Reliable Capacity™ Strategy is effective Planning and Scheduling.

Maintenance Planning, Scheduling and Coordination begins when a failure mode is identified on a piece of equipment prior to catastrophic failure and is completed when the work order is financially closed with accurate data.

Planning process validates priorities and identifies all the resources, time, information, permits, tools, equipment, procedures, and tasks to be performed to complete the job.

Scheduling takes the itemized resource list, optimizes labor utilization, minimizes downtime, and total cost. Both operation planning and maintenance work together to generate production schedules which will maintain high customer service in both the short and long term.

Coordination is often missed when discussing Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Activities. Coordination includes the soft skill activities of communications, proper use of CMMS, facilitating meetings, persuading people to change positions by understanding the needs of key share holders and serving to meet other needs. The mission of coordination is for those involved to understand their roles and responsibilities in making the organization successful in performing the job plan and meeting the schedule.

MET DEMAND provides training, coaching and consulting services to assist your organization in managing the maintenance work control process.

METDEMAND, Inc.offers

Maintenance Planning, Scheduling and Coordination
Planning and Scheduling is a key foundational element to a proactive maintenance culture. Planners cannot do it alone but must be supported by the organization. MET DEMAND offers a three day training which teaches the planner their job responsibilities and duties as well as, the roles and responsibilities of operation, engineering and storeroom responsibilities Download
Planning Schedule and Coordination Training
Improve Maintenance and Operation Productivity by improving the management of maintenance work through a structured work control and reporting process. This 3-day seminar can provide knowledge and direction for an organization to increase capacity, utilization and productivity. Download
Planning, Scheduling and Coordination Assessment
MET DEMAND has developed an assessment to assist organizations in getting on the road to improving equipment performance. Many have heard the statement, Poor Planning on your part does not mean a crisis on mine. If we are not thoroughly planning, scheduling and coordinating maintenance work, we mandate that the shop floor be reactive to manage a self induced crisis. Download
Planning, Scheduling and Coordination Workshop
This workshop performed at your facility will teach how World Class Maintenance Best Practices for Planning and Scheduling can be implemented at your site. This workshop is to follow Planning, Scheduling and Coordination Training, which teaches planning and scheduling concepts. This workshop provides direct coaching and education of site personnel on how to effectively implement the new processes. Download