Senior Management Commitment

Senior Management commitment is a critical factor for any change initiative.  How do you get senior management to buy-in and provide leadership for a Reliable Capacity™ initiative?

The bottom line for every senior management staff is PROFIT.  Without a profit, the company will eventually cease to exist.

Reliable Capacity™ must be viewed as an essential element to maximize return on total assets and revenues. If equipment is sporadically breaking down or not performing as expected, the assets are running the business rather than management. This adds cost and lowers customer satisfaction.

The key for developing a business case and presenting it to senior management is defining the proposed change and how it will generate gross profit.  The  case is simple and proven.

  • Design and install lower cost, higher value equipment
  • Minimize operator and maintenance errors
  • Eliminate defects, rework, unplanned downtime and safety incidents
  • Minimize change over times and yield losses
  • Reduce all inventories (raw, MRO, finish goods)

 How much money will be saved? How much will profits increase?

A business pursuing an asset strategy which provides skilled resources to achieve Reliable Capacity™ within the organization can see a business return as high as $14 saved for every $1 invested towards a proactive culture.

Met Demand Reliable Capacity Strategy
Change occurs when vision, dissatisfaction with current conditions and understanding of how to get started overcomes the fear of change. Reliable Capacity" Strategy can provide a structured approach so individuals are comfortable with change which will result in an organization improving performance. Download