MRO Excellence™

MRO ExcellenceMRO Excellence™ benchmarks maintenance material support activities against known best practices of professionally managed Maintenance Storerooms. A poorly managed material control process and storeroom can contribute up to:

  • 25 % of the unplanned downtime
  • 30 % maintenance productivity losses.
  • Overstocking of parts both inside the storeroom control and in stashes throughout the plant.
  • Inaccurate parts data causes waste in valuable resource time to find and procure the right part, unneeded stock or obsolete parts and improve the accuracy of transition data.
  • Poor vendor management with little or no vendor performance data

A poorly managed material control process and maintenance storeroom results in higher maintenance, purchasing, operational and storeroom costs along with lower customer satisfaction, uptime and morale.

MRO Excellence™ uses a systematic approach for improving MRO/ Maintenance storeroom’s contribution. This unique process combines World Class Purchasing and World Class Maintenance principles to ensure downtime risks and inventory costs are low and total costs are low.