Organizational Structure

Organization and StructureOrganizational Structure exists to make the visions and plans of an organization a reality.

The leadership team has to start the process by refining and developing a vision.  The vision is then used to produce the organizational plan which will be executed by empowered individuals within an organization.

In order to be successful in the implementation, this vision and plan must be communicated to the workforce. MET DEMAND can assist the leadership team in developing a continuous improvement program and communication plan to engage the workforce. The leadership team must align their actions with the new direction.

Everyone in the organization is affected and change is not easy.

Priorities must be set and the desired changes enforced and rewarded.

As these changes become common practices, more of the plan can be implemented.

There are no “silver bullets”. An organization can move from a reactive to proactive culture in 3 to 5 years but the leadership team must set an organizational structure to sustain the effort.