Team Based Activities

Team Based ActivitiesAs illustrated on the Reliable Capacity™ Strategy globe, an organization will rotate smoothly on an axis of team based activities with the goal of zero defects, accidents and no unplanned downtime.

Highly effective teams are at the center of improvements in both Quality Management and Productive Maintenance.  It seems simple but in a highly reactive culture, time is not spent gaining insight from others, but just resolving immediate issues. The result of this reactive approach is  that the organization faces the same issues over and over, again, rather than eliminating them. In a proactive culture, data is gathered and those with knowledge and ownership take action to eliminate the issues through a structured process which sustains the improvement.

MET DEMAND’s Reliable Capacity™ Strategy is based on developing an organizational structure which actively supports team activities by defining the roles, responsibilities and deliverables for each team. MET DEMAND provides training for change agents to build internal expertise to charter, coach and facilitate teams and develop the team concept into the culture.