Reliable Capacity Program

Reliability Assessment

A complete reliability assessment which is based on a Total Productive Maintenance model focused on achieving business results. It has been well documented that typical plants have 25% hidden capacity do to reliability issues. Reliability is not a maintenance issue but an organizational issue. MET DEMAND assessment evaluates all of the partners and how they are contributing to asset management and acheiving high customer service levels by ensuring reliable capacity.

Reliable Capacity Assessment will evaluate your organization's ability to deliver reliable capacity and ensure high customer service levels. The assessment reviews the business processes of maintenance, commercial, operation, and engineering partners to determine their contribution to ensuring reliable capacity. The assessment prioritizes the evaluation on critical assets or those assets which produce revenue. By looking at critical asset's performance, actions can be recommended to maximize business returns in the shortest period of time. Working with the appropriate plant personnel these returns are developed by a establishing a set of metrics. These metrics may include: -Equipment downtime (lost capacity) -Maintenance and Operation Labor (utilization) -Production Waste -MRO and Material support Waste -Outside Services Waste -Quality holds and rework -Customer service levels Some of the specific activities discussed and evaluated include: -Manage change through vision and planning. -Identify and Prioritize Maintenance Work. -Analysis equipment history. -Manage proactively vs. reactively. -Control maintenance work -Have Operations take ownership of equipment performance -Manage life cycle Cost -Manage predictive maintenance -Manage preventive maintenance -Manage maintenance planning and scheduling -Manage designing in reliability through engineering practices -Manage performance by metrics -Manage MRO material and support. In order to improve, you have to know your starting point and the direction you are going. An assessment by MET DEMAND will provide the current state and a plan to move to a future state. The plan will include key actions, resources and milestones which include potential returns if the plan is executed. If you are interested in doing a comprehensive benchmarking of your organization against a solid TPM model, contact Kevin Lewton at


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