Reliable Capacity Program

Reliability Engineering

A key building block to reliable equipment is the relibility engineering function. This function exists to increase the Mean Time Between Failure (MBTF) for components. On existing equipment, Root Cause Failure Analysis is used to understand occurring failure modes so preventive actions can be taken. Failure Mode and Effect Analysis can be used to prioritize failure modes of components based on business impact and then prioritize redesign activities for both existing and new equipment. Lean design reviews will lead to optimized equipment design and lower cost of ownership.

Reliabiity engineering is responsible for understanding and predicting the risk of unplanned failure and to improve performance. MET DEMAND offers coaching and consulting to improve asset performance by listing critical to non-critical assets of a system and focusing on improving performance of the critical assets. This is done by performing RCFA and FMEA on the critical assets. Determining what improvements can be made to increase MTBF, minimize waste (all 7 catagories of waste) for the system, increase customer service and lower cost of goods sold.


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