Total Plant Performance achieved at Start-up

Start-up Management Consulting and Coaching

How many times has the equipment been designed and project funds are gone and the equipment is still running at 50% OEE vs 85% OEE? Operation and maintenance are saying engineering has sold them a bill of goods and engineering is saying that operation and maintenance need to step up and take ownership. Have you ever been at this point? Does it have to be this way? No it does not. Good project start-up planning is the key and is based on operation and maintenance taking ownership of the start-up process at the commissioning phase. Call this "proactive ownership". "Proactive Ownership" starts with a start up team being established to ensure all labor, operation systems, business systems, and maintenance systems are in place and functioning during the commissioning phase of the project prior to start up. The result of the ownership is an engaged workforce, continuous improvement sub-culture and low cost of ownership due to operational efficiencies.

MET DEMAND, LLC through Kevin Lewton offers coaching and consulting on how to set up and manage a new line or project start up through a structure approach with the goal of operation and maintenance having full ownership the day of start up. Kevin has experience in planning for future projects as well as assisting site staff's with projects which are not meeting business expectations. He uses a structured discipline approach which to help create a proactive culture. The step to ensure the project and start up teams are customer and business focused is to define success from the company's customer point of view. With everyone focusing and driving to the same vision, roles and responsibilities of all team members are clearly communicated and an organized approach is used to properly staff and provide qualified resources. A detailed timeline is developed with defined tasks to ensure operation, maintenance and commercial systems are in place before commissioning the new equipment. The project and start up team activities are developed by subsystems which are defined by engineering drawings usually a P&ID, mechanical arrangement or process flow diagram.


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