Reliable Capacity Program

MRO Excellence is for the Customer

A maintenance or MRO storeroom can contribute to ensuring customer demands are met or missed. A poorly managed storeroom can contribute up to 25 % of the unplanned downtime and maintenance productivity losses. The largest challenge facing an organization is getting management to recognize the contribution which maintenance storeroom make to the business performance. MET DEMAND offers a service which is integrated with commercial and maintenance competencies and terminology.

MET DEMAND, LLC provides consulting services to assist organizations in achieving MRO Excellence.  Our unique program combines world class purchasing with world class maintenance practices to ensure unplanned downtime is minimized and customer service levels are high. .  Using the foundation of a MRO assessment which reviews the results of the current Standard Work Instructions, business processes for purchasing, planning and scheduling, inventory management, reorder points, reorder quantities, spare part classifications, receiving, vendor management, kitting, metrics and business system management (CMMS and Enterprise System). The outcome of this process is a detailed set of prioritized actions which improve the business performance through improving the MRO storeroom efficiency and effectiveness..


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