Reliable Capacity Program

Failure Mode and Effect Analysis Training

You have identified a critical asset and are ready to evaluate your organization's ability to prevent failure and unplanned downtime. You are aware that if you can increase the mean time between failures of the components, the life cycle cost and cost of goods sold will decrease significantly. Your organization has limited resources and you need to prioritize their efforts to minimize the risk of downtime and maximize business returns. How would you proceed? What tool could you use?

Failure Mode Effect Analysis is an effective method to analyze current and future asset performance. MET DEMAND offers training on how to use FMEA to prioritize actions to lower the risk of failure. FMEA process uses the input of the participants to score the severity of the failure, rate of failure and our ability to detect the failure which results in a calculated "Risk Priority Number". The participants will understand the FMEA process and immediately apply the learning to plant issues while in the training. This approach provides immediate reinforcement on the use of FMEA in their work environment.


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