Reliable Capacity Technical Training

MRO Excellence is for the Customer

A maintenance or MRO storeroom can contribute to ensuring customer demands are met or missed. A poorly managed storeroom can contribute up to 25 % of the unplanned downtime and maintenance productivity losses. The largest challenge facing an organization is getting management to recognize the contribution which maintenance storeroom make to the business performance. MET DEMAND offers a unique training program which speaks to managers in supply chain terminology but yet speaks to maintenance and storeroom associates who work the front lines.

MET DEMAND offers 24 hours of competency training on MRO Excellence. This training is a combination of classroom lecture and practical case studies. This training is recommended for all of the partners involved with the MRO storeroom operation: Commercial, Maintenance, Storeroom, Engineering and Operations.

Topics covered in the training includes: 

-Business Basics

-MRO and Product Supply Chains and Partnering in Excellence

-Storeroom roles and Responsibilities, Standard Work Instructions

-Procurement roles and responsibilities and Procurement Practices

-Maintenance Roles and Responsibilities

-Inventory Control

-Storeroom Layout, Central vs. Remote and Bar-coding

-How to get started and developing an Implementation Plan

-RASI work shop for defining roles and Responsibilities

The result of the training will be for the participants to define roles and responsibilities of the key share holders. Partners agreeing on a common vision for improving storeroom performance which can be used to develop a master plan for improving the storeroom performance.


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