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Planning and Scheduling Training

By employing proper maintenance planning and scheduling, significant capacity or cost savings can be acheived. If your facility is a typical facility with 60 to 70% of your maintenance workforce being involved with emergency work, you could achieve savings equivalent to 5 hours reactive craft time for 1 hour properly planned work. Many organizations have achieved 80% gain in available craft hours by implementing a structured discipline work process.

MET DEMAND offers a three day workshop which will discuss and define roles and responsibilites for the different positions involved in managing and controlling maintenance work. This training will explain organization, CMMS interface, process flows of work order management process, material support and control, supervisor interaction, job plan preparation, facilitating capacity planning with operation planning and measuring performance by metrics. A structured discipline approach to managing maintenance work control is a solution many organizations avoid because it is not a quick fix but requires commitment of management to change into the future. With the current craft gap it is getting tougher to find the skills needed to maintain our assets so we continue to do the same with less. Planning and scheduling is an answer for most sites and companies because it will free time for skills management and it increases the productivity of the skills which already exists.


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