Reliable Capacity Program

Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA)

Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) is a basic technique and skill required to evaluate and determine why a failure occurred. MET DEMAND offers a very simple and easy to use RCFA process which is based on the scientific method. This method is simple and understood by the work force because the basics were taught in high school science courses. <more>

Failure Mode and Effect Analysis Training

You have identified a critical asset and are ready to evaluate your organization's ability to prevent failure and unplanned downtime. You are aware that if you can increase the mean time between failures of the components, the life cycle cost and cost of goods sold will decrease significantly. Your organization has limited resources and you need to prioritize their efforts to minimize the risk of downtime and maximize business returns. How would you proceed? What tool could you use?<more>

Reliable Capacity Technical Training

MRO Excellence is for the Customer

A maintenance or MRO storeroom can contribute to ensuring customer demands are met or missed. A poorly managed storeroom can contribute up to 25 % of the unplanned downtime and maintenance productivity losses. The largest challenge facing an organization is getting management to recognize the contribution which maintenance storeroom make to the business performance. MET DEMAND offers a unique training program which speaks to managers in supply chain terminology but yet speaks to maintenance and storeroom associates who work the front lines.<more>

Manufacturing Excellence at Start-up

Planning and Scheduling Training

By employing proper maintenance planning and scheduling, significant capacity or cost savings can be acheived. If your facility is a typical facility with 60 to 70% of your maintenance workforce being involved with emergency work, you could achieve savings equivalent to 5 hours reactive craft time for 1 hour properly planned work. Many organizations have achieved 80% gain in available craft hours by implementing a structured discipline work process.<more>

Maximize Plant Performance at Start Up

Does your organization struggle when an expansion is occurring at your facility to meet project and business expectations? Does your workforce dread a start up or are they excited about getting a chance to participate in something new? Instead of dread, use this opportunity to build momentum towards a proactive continuous improvement culture. Can you think of better opportunity to move the culture from reactive to proactive? The whole organization is focused on getting the new equipment running and supplying the product to our customers. <more>


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